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After a hectic 16 journey to the campsite, out mind quickly switch to setup Base camp and lock the car up, enough was enough. After getting off the ferry in France we hit a mass or road works, accidents and car brake downs (not mine) making the trip ever longer.

We did however make it to the hyper market. Although we had to talk our way in as it was just about to close. So we sprinted around and grabbed the essentials.



We unpacked and heading to the food and beer tent to see what was going on and without a doubt, we had another of the legendary shorma’s. A mass of beef salad and mayo in a super soft bread…. Stunning!

We then went back to the tent to get the Xbox and Projector. Yep that’s right.



The above is the view from the inside and below is from outside the tent. It certainly got people’s heads turning.


Now we’ve banged on about the tent we’re stopping in to some of you, so here’s a few snaps of the beast.




As you can see we’re flying the flag for the UK. Although it’s not the best of the flags out there but it’s still up.

We’re heading into Spa now for a look around and a good old night out. So ta tar for now.

Ohh yeah, we got some new hats.


Time Posted by Mark on August 22, 2014 @ 2:07PM

So…. After an early 04:00 start and setting off at 05:15 we made are finally on the ferry heading for France. Everything went well you may be thinking. Not entirely….


Having made excellent time on the motorways, we arrived at the ferry port ahead of schedule with a little over an hour to wait until boarding.



All well and good we thought. Then we hear there is a delay on all ferries out of the port. “Win”. Not be to down heartened, myself and Fisher did what was necessary and pulled out the big guns.


Now on the ferry over two and a quarter hours late, we’ve got our chairs in the drivers lounge with our feet out ready for the blast through France and Belgium.

With Mark and Kyle doing to driving stints in the UK, it’s down to myself and Fisher to finish today’s stint off. We sit here with our coffees whist the other two enjoy a beer.

A trip to the hyper market before we finally get to the campsite for the weeks rations (not all beer) and then we’re sorted until Monday.

Over and out.

P.S. Please take this as an apology for any and all spelling and typos throughout this trip as we’re doing the posts from mobiles and have no intent to check for errors.

Time Posted by Mark on August 21, 2014 @ 2:20PM

Welcome back!!

Seen as we’re doing another road trip into Europe, we thought it only fair to fire up the DRVE site once again.  We’re going back to where it all started.  Spa!  Yes, we’re off to the Belgian Grand Prix once again.  Unfortunately not in our beloved Dorris:



Not to worry, we’re knocking up the pace this year and taking my car:


We’re taking a slightly different route to last time, we’re hitting up, Belgium, Germany, back to Belgium and then heading home.  We’re heading back to the fantastic Spa d’Or camp site, which is the same one we stopped at in the RV.  We had such a good time there we thought why bother looking anywhere else.  As with other things throughout this trip, we’ve knocked it up a level.  Rather than going for a standard tent pitch, we’ve spent a little more and gone for what they call a “Rental Tent”, what this is, is a RV without wheels.  We get a 8ft tall, 12ft wide and 18ft long beast of a tent, with proper beds, fridge, gas cooker, BBQ, the lot!  It really is a beast!  Seen as we’ll have electricity throughout, it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t take the projector and Xbox again now would it?  I mean it went down such a storm last time, not only for us but for all the other folk wondering about pointing and talking about “those guys with the 360”.  I mean just look at it, even though its a terrible photo and we’re only just setting it up, it still looks awesome!



We’re getting there on the Thursday and not leaving until Monday, so it’ll be beer when we land but on the Friday rather than go to the practice session, we’re going to head into Spa itself.  You know, take in the scenery and see what the pubs are like.  You never know, we might end up in another gay without knowing it.  It’s all good fun.

Come Monday we’re heading the Nurburgring! This is the major highlight of the trip for me, the last time I went around as a passenger (in a 911 GT3 RS) and got a tattoo of “The Ring” when I got back, so being able to drive my car around “The Green Hell” really is something I’ve been looking forward to for many years!  It’s 12.93 miles and 154 turns of pure petrolhead heaven.

512px-Circuit_Nürburgring-2002-vs-1927.svg nurburgring

From The Ring, we’re heading north to Cologne for a look around the city and a night out.  None of the group have been there so we’ve just chosen a hotel bang in the centre and hoping we’re close to something good.

Tuesday we start to make our way home but on the way we’re stopping off at Bruges for more of the same, a look around a beautiful city full of culture.  We stopped in Bruges in the RV but being in such a large vehicle, we couldn’t find a place to park so we just carried on.  This time, we’re hoping to find a nice Focus sized parking spot under the hotel so we can take it in a little more.

As we go along, we’re hoping to find a few karting tracks seen as we’ll be in the racing spirit.  There’s something about karting in Europe, the tracks seems to be much bigger, more complex and the marshals are a bit more lenient when crashing into each other.

That’s all for now, we’ll be sure to make much more of an effort this time.  I think we only managed the one post when we went in Marks car.

Si thi.

Time Posted by Mark on August 1, 2014 @ 8:54AM

So.. The almighty trip has begun. All went well yesterday, we got to the hotel safe and sound, no problems at all! Today is a slightly different story. Room was a bit of a tip after some drinks last night but that got sorted, breakfast went well… (McDonalds), couldn’t find a Nurf (like an American football with a tail). We have to arrive at Dover 1 hour before departure (14:00) as I post this we are not there! with traffic, really bad weather and road works,it’s going to Br a Top Gear style finish. Not far away now so back to the speeding ah erm…. I mean careful driving and not trying to make up time…..

Hello from all the guys to the people who are following out trip on the website.

Time Posted by Mark on July 22, 2010 @ 12:56PM

We’re doing it again, albeit in a slightly different way. Call us stupid (you’d be right), call us brilliant, either way it’s going to end up as good, or as bad as last years trip.

Fiesta STWe’re driving in a car this time (Fiesta). No moving bed, no onboard toilet, no fridge, no television, no table, but more speed! We’ll be covering 1400 miles on the road, which is more than last years trip as we are venturing deep into German territory by visiting the Hockenheim Formula One Grand Prix.

We’ll only be stopping in two countries though this time, Germany and Belgium. This is because of our tighter deadline of 5/6 days rather than the longer 10 days we endured last time. Along our route we’ll be smashing the Nurburgring Nordschleife, hammering Frankfurt on the way back from Hockenheim and stopping twice in Belgium.

We’re also hoping to stop at the Pistenklause Restaurant for one reason, and one reason only…

It’s going to be entertainment all round…

Time Posted by Mark on June 8, 2010 @ 1:29PM

This post is just about saying thank you to all the boys Mark, Kyle, Jan, Fisher and Mike.  These five lads gave me the the best experience of my life and for that i will always be grateful.

To Mark I say thanks for sorting just about everything out for the trip.  I was left to sort out only two things which were the booking of the RV and the campsite in Germany, only one of these things turned out good, the RV.  When we turned up to the campsite in Germany they wanted 24 euros per person for one night, this along with the key problem led to mine and Marks drive through the night to Amsterdam.



To Jan I say thanks for the one liners…. One that still makes me laugh now is “OK bye guys, have a safe trip…” this was said to one man cleaning his tent.  The “We are Sparta” when we got the key from the RV is yet another fine example of the one liners from this guy.  The rest of us were shouting ” WE GOT THEM, WE GOT THEM, GET THE F**K IN !!!!” and Jan says that.  HA HA.  Also thanks to him for photos like this…

Lets not forget about the morning we were setting off back home, I came up with the idea that seen as it would be our last shower on holiday, that me, Kyle, Fisher and Jan should walk to the showers at 5am wearing nothing but our boxer shorts.  As I turned around after picking my things up I saw Jan stood there with a towel wrapped around him i said “Wow, wow, wow, what do you think your doing, its either the towel or boxer shorts” he replied with “Towel it is then”.  As we left the RV it turned out to be quite cold, but we stuck with it.  For some reason we had a the video camera rolling as we walked to the shower and for good footage a ripped the towel from Jan, what was to come would be one of the funniest things I would ever witness…. Jan running away but naked shrieking “Oooo, oooooo, ha ha, ooooo” the only thing I could compare it to is the greased up deaf guy from family guy.family-guy-greased-up-deaf-guy So many funny memories of this guy.  When you read this Jan *high five* and shout “Ooop there it is!!!”

To Fisher for making the most unrealistic noises from his little ares…  I know this is immature but when he farted, I could do nothing but laugh, they sounded just like someone ripping bed sheets or the farts from South Park.  Simply amazing.  Also want to say thanks for his singing, which was just fantastically bad although he did pull out all the stops when we have a group sing a long to ” Roll out the barrel” by Milburn.

Mike, although not as loud as some of the others, he was none the less funny.  when we were one the beach, I had a little walk to find some shells but Mike to it to another level he walked to far out to see, that we could no longer see him…. after a few minutes of still not being able to see him me, Kyle and Fisher set off out to sea to find him which let to this….Jupilar

Also thanks for the kick ass Nurf action, we really had some good sessions.

Last but no means least, thanks to my best pal….. Kyle!  No one but Kyle talks as much S**t as me, throughout this trip some new words have been used frequently, the first being “Ro-sham Bo” which doesn’t mean anything yet it can be used to describe everything.  Thanks to you for always hitting everything hard with me whether it be drinking, rowing, singing or dancing, thank you.

I know this is all starting to sound a bit soppy so onto some funny stuff from kyle, like using the toilet in the RV literally seconds after picking it up also whilst moving.  For some reason being sat in the drivers seat with nothing on but a t-shirt with the door wide open for everyone and anyone to see.  For kissing the track at the top of Eau Rouge and getting in some sort of go-kart type thing in the super market just to name a few.  kyleOne of the funniest things from Kyle was when he was hung over on the bus on the way to the Grand Prix track, every time I look at the photo it makes me laugh purely just because i remember the noises he was making and how much he wanted to hit me because I kept talking about food and sick.

I know there are things I have missed out but its better to talk about them with each other whilst looking at the photos or watching all the video footage.  We need to have more regular meets and nights out for no reasons other than to see each other, get drunk and talk about Dorris.

Thanks again boys, these memories will stay with me forever.  I onyl hope that This first RV trip is not the last because I honestly cant think of anything else that would be able to best what we have just done/accomplished.



Time Posted by Mark on September 7, 2009 @ 3:21PM

The DRVE BoysSo, here we are in the uk. We returned the motorhome to Motoromer (who were brilliant sports even when we turned up late and had broken one or two things) after having an awesome finish to the holiday in Dunkirk. We stopped at Middlekirk on the way where we has a MASSIVE pizza and a nice journey to Dunkirk where we had a second bash at Karting! We had a bit of Nerfing, football, beer and a photoshoot while the sun went down on the beach in Dunkirk.

We highly recommend a trip around Europe in a motorhome but make sure you plan for the worst (and sometimes don’t for a bit of fun)

Time Posted by Mark on September 6, 2009 @ 2:16PM

Took a few photos over the last couple of days to show where av been etc… Most have been taken in Germany including a few from hot lap around the Nurburgring!

Just a quick update in yesterday first…. We rented some kayaks, which seems a pretty normal thing. Seen as were not in the uk and the health and safety guys aren’t here to rape us, it was just a simple case of hand over your tokeno’s and grab a kayak, no life jacket, no helmet and no lifeguard!

Our campsite is on it’s own island so we decided to check out the open water surrounding us, we had me and dan in a 2 manner, jan and mark in a 2 manner and then Fish and Mike in singles…

We got a long way out, even rowing under some of the motorway bridges that we’d come over driving to the campsite! It was very surreal. Then dan topped it, as we were surrounded by motorway traffic he stood/knelt in the back edge if the boat, to have a piss… And while doing so, pretty much tipped us in the drink! We headed back and the boys rocked the boat as I was getting out, I binned it straight into some black, shitty, syphilis infested mud!

Off karting now… And seeing as I am Ayrton Senna, the greatest of the great, i WILL win….

Time Posted by Mark on September 3, 2009 @ 7:13AM

All I’m saying is,

7 foot stick, taped to another 3 foot stick, taped to wire, taped to magnet + 1 twenty year old Poland powerhouse + 1 Jurgen the German = the best story and best day of my life

Time Posted by Mark on September 1, 2009 @ 9:12AM

Yesterdays events were simply mind blowing and not many people are going to believe what has happened.

It started well with a good nights sleep, an early set off from Spa to get to Germany, Nurburg. We made it within two hours but struggled to find the entrance to one of the greatest racing circuits in the world. Once we finally arrived it looked dead as a dodo. One car in the car park and no cars on circuit. We found out that the circuit was only open for 20 minutes that night. So we had to find something to occupy us (see the burger below).

Skipping forward a few hours we were finally ready to explore and headed off to the Nurburgring museum. It was very good and involved standing next to Ayrton senna, watching a 4D film about the ring and looking at some awesome cars.

We returned to the Nurburgring entrance after the museum to find Porches, Ferraris, Exiges, BMW’s and many more cars with big engines driving around. We quickly locked the doors and set off only to find the keys locked in the RV. Problem. This was the start of a 6 hour marathon of phone calls, shouting, standing and generally fearing for our life. We had locked the keys in.

We phoned the AA which we were told would be there ‘in the hour’. We decided to try and get round the Nordschliefe and five of the lads went in a 911 GT3RS, Focus ST, Mercedes AMG 6.3 and a V6 Golf. I got in nothing waiting for bloody ADAC.

2 hours later we decided to phone back. ‘there in ten minutes’. Half an hour later the ADAC arrived and after telling us to turn the camera off and talking us through a French TOS he started on the door. Ten minutes in we remembered it was dead locked. 1 hour later we were no further and it ended up with the ADAC van leaving us saying Ford Assist were on their way. They didn’t turn up. After another lengthy phonecall we were told they aren’t coming. We were told to expect a phonecall with hotel and unlocking details. It didn’t come. We were then told (after another lengthy phonecall) that they would come in the morning! I gave up on hoping for Ford Assist and said 9am.

Meanwhile when I was on the phone Jesus turned up. It was dark and again we feared for our lives.

Jurgen The German (Jesus) saw mike pulling out a large branch to try and grab them. Jurgen dissapeared and returned with an axe. We feared for our lives. After stripping down the ten foot branch Jurgen The German pulled out a piece of wire and simply said ‘hook’. We taped it on, climbed the RV and stuck it in the roofs vent. Jurgen then dissapeared once more and returned with a magnet. ‘Very Strong’ he said. We taped that on and proceeded with an agonising twenty minute ‘hook a duck’ competition. Fisher hooked them on, dragged them to the back and hey presto! They were out! We thanked Jurgen The German (who wouldn’t even accept all the beer we threw at him! We then ended up deciding that midnight was too late to find a campsite and ended up driving through the night. Me (Mark) and Dan split it and here we are. Sat in the Amsterdam campsite ready to take on the city. Or maybe have a quick sleep.

Time Posted by Mark on September 1, 2009 @ 7:12AM

So then, we drove all the way to Belgium to see the F1 and the guys went to see, Hamilton, Button and Grojean bummed it at the corners before ours!

A cracking day it was, and it was cemented in the history of greatness after we managed to get on track! We were STOOD on the TRACK!!!

Were packed up and the on the road to the Nurburgering! Goodbye Spa D’or hello Camping AM Nurbugerimg

Time Posted by Mark on August 31, 2009 @ 8:37AM

Introducing Ro-sham-bo, the most used ‘word’ of De reis van Europa! Dan came out with this and is now in the dictionary, and depending on the accent it works in all languages!!!

Anyway, I’m writing this as I lay on the grass at the track in the sun watching some Porshe supercup…

I think last needs a massive mention on the site, we went off to Spa (the town) for some steak and beer. We went to the casino but they wouldn’t let us in because Jan was too young… This was a bad hit to the night and there was only one thing what could sort it… Tequila!

Going into the next bar we tried ordering some creak (fruit flavoured beer) but ended up with with some strong tar like piss called Kwak. Hmmm… After seeing a local getting thrown out of a bar for been drunk we moved over to the Havana club as it had a neon palm tree in the window… We walked in and were told to to ‘keep it down’ by this massive big guns magoo when we said we were English! After getting a drink, we noticed that there was only men in the bar….

We were in a GAY bar…! Rather than moving on we decided to stay in the mixer and bust some shapes… Bad idea. First of all I (Ky) got my arse patted and cupped by someone resembling kimi raikkonen. Then 2 mins later Fisher got pulled to one side and into the middle of a group of men, literally they just grabbed him… Narrowly avoiding gang rapage! Then more antics when dan went to the toilet and he caught a guy staring at his man meat… At this point we decided to leg it! Back to base we went, where at 2 we had a French chap come and tell us off. All in all, a jolly good time!


Time Posted by Mark on August 30, 2009 @ 11:19AM

It’s been a long one. Last nights events saw us eating what can only be described as ‘meat, garlic mayo, bread’. It was heaven.

Today we made it to Spa Francorchamps for the f1. The food and drink was VERY expensive but eaten none the less. After talking to a very drunk Finnish guy with a bottle of wine we settled down at Blanchemont to watch the cars fly round at 160mph.

Last nights events were probably too eventful to describe but involved beer and the projector. After watching a film we settled in for a quick five hour kip before we were up for today.

Tonight involves a taxi to Amsterdam (and he speaks no English at all), taking in some sights and sounds before the race tomorrow. The WiFi is very unreliable (which explains the long pause between posts).

We will update tomorrow night if possible on the days events!

Time Posted by Mark on August 29, 2009 @ 7:01PM

Well eventually, after the M25 royally shafted us last night, we’ve landed in Ben Dover, just had more grease for breakfast and ready for the off.

Last night was rather special, Jan fell through a bed… Dan fell over in the shi**er and Mike was sleep talking saying ‘are we there yet’… Good times…

Time Posted by Mark on August 28, 2009 @ 9:43AM

Well, here we are…… Just got on the ferry! We’ve left Dorris down in the hold with all her old friends so he can catch up on old times.
We moved up onto the top floor of the ferry and what a view we have!
I must admit it felt rather odd drivng onto a huge boad.

This will be our last post from the UK, so fingers crossed we make it.

As I post this, the ferry has just come alive and started moving, HERE WE GO!!!!!!

Time Posted by Mark on August 28, 2009 @ 9:41AM

The boys are in the shuttle and starting our 250 mile journey to Folkstone! Ferry in the morning (10am) so it’s party time tonight! More photos later!

Time Posted by Mark on August 27, 2009 @ 3:05PM

Time Posted by Mark on August 27, 2009 @ 12:14PM

So then, it’s almost here…

58 weeks of waiting, 58 weeks of not so carefull planning and 58 weeks of explosive, tormenting excitment forever ticking down to first turn of the keys.

Then comes the next number to throw in the mixer. 1300 – the miles to travel, some of which I predict, will be long and painfull filled with headaches and stomach gurgling relapses of the night before, but we shall battle through the pain and sickness onto our next destination, the next night out…

For me, this trip is something iv always wanted to do, I love culture and travelling, seeing things iv not before. Being a designer, I’m a very visual person, and I’m ready to take on the sights, sounds and smells that our various destinations have to offer…

58 weeks has certainly been a long time to wait for this trip, the 1300 miles is no world record but neither a walk in the park, but the numbers surrounding this trip mean nothing, apart from 6.

6 mates together with an unrecordable ammount of laughs ahead of us.

Time Posted by Mark on August 26, 2009 @ 12:16AM

We now officially go on holiday tomorrow! And I bought a Jenson GB flag for spa!

Time Posted by Mark on August 26, 2009 @ 12:00AM

As time draws closer (2 days) I thought I best make a post. The last couple of days have been final planning and washing clothes ready for this amazing trip. The only problem with this time of limbo is that you are already there in mind but most defiantly not there in body yet.

As the excitement builds then Dan drops the projector on you (not literally, the idea) you just can’t keep it in anymore. The ideas been thrown around wouldn’t be out of place on pimp my motorhome. Some of our driving hats are still a secret and from what I’ve heard about some of them they will defiantly be worth the wait.

That’s over and out for me for now.

Time Posted by Mark on August 25, 2009 @ 8:32AM

Over ons/Qui sommes-nous?/Über uns/About Us

It's pure and simple. Six best mates, on holiday, taking in quite a lot of europe, in ten days. Documenting our travels with our SLR cameras and iPhones. We start in the UK, Manchester and work our way to Folkstone. Catch the Ferry onto France and drive 210 miles south east to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Fomula One. After the F1 we head across to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for even more motorsport. We then head up through Germany towards Amsterdam taking in the sights and the sounds from our 6.4m long MotorHome (RV). We spend two nights in Amsterdam exploring the city and the nightlife (we hear there are 1200 bars to choose from). Once we've finished eating and drinking Dutch food we make our way back to Dunkerque stopping on the Belgian coatline half way. Back on the ferry ten days later and home dry!

Kyle the nutter!Jan the polish man!Fisher the biker boy!Dan the crazy man!Mark the funny man!Mike the piss head!