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Introducing Ro-sham-bo, the most used ‘word’ of De reis van Europa! Dan came out with this and is now in the dictionary, and depending on the accent it works in all languages!!!

Anyway, I’m writing this as I lay on the grass at the track in the sun watching some Porshe supercup…

I think last needs a massive mention on the site, we went off to Spa (the town) for some steak and beer. We went to the casino but they wouldn’t let us in because Jan was too young… This was a bad hit to the night and there was only one thing what could sort it… Tequila!

Going into the next bar we tried ordering some creak (fruit flavoured beer) but ended up with with some strong tar like piss called Kwak. Hmmm… After seeing a local getting thrown out of a bar for been drunk we moved over to the Havana club as it had a neon palm tree in the window… We walked in and were told to to ‘keep it down’ by this massive big guns magoo when we said we were English! After getting a drink, we noticed that there was only men in the bar….

We were in a GAY bar…! Rather than moving on we decided to stay in the mixer and bust some shapes… Bad idea. First of all I (Ky) got my arse patted and cupped by someone resembling kimi raikkonen. Then 2 mins later Fisher got pulled to one side and into the middle of a group of men, literally they just grabbed him… Narrowly avoiding gang rapage! Then more antics when dan went to the toilet and he caught a guy staring at his man meat… At this point we decided to leg it! Back to base we went, where at 2 we had a French chap come and tell us off. All in all, a jolly good time!


Time Posted by Mark on August 30, 2009 @ 11:19AM

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