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Yesterdays events were simply mind blowing and not many people are going to believe what has happened.

It started well with a good nights sleep, an early set off from Spa to get to Germany, Nurburg. We made it within two hours but struggled to find the entrance to one of the greatest racing circuits in the world. Once we finally arrived it looked dead as a dodo. One car in the car park and no cars on circuit. We found out that the circuit was only open for 20 minutes that night. So we had to find something to occupy us (see the burger below).

Skipping forward a few hours we were finally ready to explore and headed off to the Nurburgring museum. It was very good and involved standing next to Ayrton senna, watching a 4D film about the ring and looking at some awesome cars.

We returned to the Nurburgring entrance after the museum to find Porches, Ferraris, Exiges, BMW’s and many more cars with big engines driving around. We quickly locked the doors and set off only to find the keys locked in the RV. Problem. This was the start of a 6 hour marathon of phone calls, shouting, standing and generally fearing for our life. We had locked the keys in.

We phoned the AA which we were told would be there ‘in the hour’. We decided to try and get round the Nordschliefe and five of the lads went in a 911 GT3RS, Focus ST, Mercedes AMG 6.3 and a V6 Golf. I got in nothing waiting for bloody ADAC.

2 hours later we decided to phone back. ‘there in ten minutes’. Half an hour later the ADAC arrived and after telling us to turn the camera off and talking us through a French TOS he started on the door. Ten minutes in we remembered it was dead locked. 1 hour later we were no further and it ended up with the ADAC van leaving us saying Ford Assist were on their way. They didn’t turn up. After another lengthy phonecall we were told they aren’t coming. We were told to expect a phonecall with hotel and unlocking details. It didn’t come. We were then told (after another lengthy phonecall) that they would come in the morning! I gave up on hoping for Ford Assist and said 9am.

Meanwhile when I was on the phone Jesus turned up. It was dark and again we feared for our lives.

Jurgen The German (Jesus) saw mike pulling out a large branch to try and grab them. Jurgen dissapeared and returned with an axe. We feared for our lives. After stripping down the ten foot branch Jurgen The German pulled out a piece of wire and simply said ‘hook’. We taped it on, climbed the RV and stuck it in the roofs vent. Jurgen then dissapeared once more and returned with a magnet. ‘Very Strong’ he said. We taped that on and proceeded with an agonising twenty minute ‘hook a duck’ competition. Fisher hooked them on, dragged them to the back and hey presto! They were out! We thanked Jurgen The German (who wouldn’t even accept all the beer we threw at him! We then ended up deciding that midnight was too late to find a campsite and ended up driving through the night. Me (Mark) and Dan split it and here we are. Sat in the Amsterdam campsite ready to take on the city. Or maybe have a quick sleep.

Time Posted by Mark on September 1, 2009 @ 7:12AM

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It's pure and simple. Six best mates, on holiday, taking in quite a lot of europe, in ten days. Documenting our travels with our SLR cameras and iPhones. We start in the UK, Manchester and work our way to Folkstone. Catch the Ferry onto France and drive 210 miles south east to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Fomula One. After the F1 we head across to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for even more motorsport. We then head up through Germany towards Amsterdam taking in the sights and the sounds from our 6.4m long MotorHome (RV). We spend two nights in Amsterdam exploring the city and the nightlife (we hear there are 1200 bars to choose from). Once we've finished eating and drinking Dutch food we make our way back to Dunkerque stopping on the Belgian coatline half way. Back on the ferry ten days later and home dry!

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