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Took a few photos over the last couple of days to show where av been etc… Most have been taken in Germany including a few from hot lap around the Nurburgring!

Just a quick update in yesterday first…. We rented some kayaks, which seems a pretty normal thing. Seen as were not in the uk and the health and safety guys aren’t here to rape us, it was just a simple case of hand over your tokeno’s and grab a kayak, no life jacket, no helmet and no lifeguard!

Our campsite is on it’s own island so we decided to check out the open water surrounding us, we had me and dan in a 2 manner, jan and mark in a 2 manner and then Fish and Mike in singles…

We got a long way out, even rowing under some of the motorway bridges that we’d come over driving to the campsite! It was very surreal. Then dan topped it, as we were surrounded by motorway traffic he stood/knelt in the back edge if the boat, to have a piss… And while doing so, pretty much tipped us in the drink! We headed back and the boys rocked the boat as I was getting out, I binned it straight into some black, shitty, syphilis infested mud!

Off karting now… And seeing as I am Ayrton Senna, the greatest of the great, i WILL win….

Time Posted by Mark on September 3, 2009 @ 7:13AM

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It's pure and simple. Six best mates, on holiday, taking in quite a lot of europe, in ten days. Documenting our travels with our SLR cameras and iPhones. We start in the UK, Manchester and work our way to Folkstone. Catch the Ferry onto France and drive 210 miles south east to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Fomula One. After the F1 we head across to the Nürburgring Nordschleife for even more motorsport. We then head up through Germany towards Amsterdam taking in the sights and the sounds from our 6.4m long MotorHome (RV). We spend two nights in Amsterdam exploring the city and the nightlife (we hear there are 1200 bars to choose from). Once we've finished eating and drinking Dutch food we make our way back to Dunkerque stopping on the Belgian coatline half way. Back on the ferry ten days later and home dry!

Kyle the nutter!Jan the polish man!Fisher the biker boy!Dan the crazy man!Mark the funny man!Mike the piss head!