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This post is just about saying thank you to all the boys Mark, Kyle, Jan, Fisher and Mike.  These five lads gave me the the best experience of my life and for that i will always be grateful.

To Mark I say thanks for sorting just about everything out for the trip.  I was left to sort out only two things which were the booking of the RV and the campsite in Germany, only one of these things turned out good, the RV.  When we turned up to the campsite in Germany they wanted 24 euros per person for one night, this along with the key problem led to mine and Marks drive through the night to Amsterdam.



To Jan I say thanks for the one liners…. One that still makes me laugh now is “OK bye guys, have a safe trip…” this was said to one man cleaning his tent.  The “We are Sparta” when we got the key from the RV is yet another fine example of the one liners from this guy.  The rest of us were shouting ” WE GOT THEM, WE GOT THEM, GET THE F**K IN !!!!” and Jan says that.  HA HA.  Also thanks to him for photos like this…

Lets not forget about the morning we were setting off back home, I came up with the idea that seen as it would be our last shower on holiday, that me, Kyle, Fisher and Jan should walk to the showers at 5am wearing nothing but our boxer shorts.  As I turned around after picking my things up I saw Jan stood there with a towel wrapped around him i said “Wow, wow, wow, what do you think your doing, its either the towel or boxer shorts” he replied with “Towel it is then”.  As we left the RV it turned out to be quite cold, but we stuck with it.  For some reason we had a the video camera rolling as we walked to the shower and for good footage a ripped the towel from Jan, what was to come would be one of the funniest things I would ever witness…. Jan running away but naked shrieking “Oooo, oooooo, ha ha, ooooo” the only thing I could compare it to is the greased up deaf guy from family guy.family-guy-greased-up-deaf-guy So many funny memories of this guy.  When you read this Jan *high five* and shout “Ooop there it is!!!”

To Fisher for making the most unrealistic noises from his little ares…  I know this is immature but when he farted, I could do nothing but laugh, they sounded just like someone ripping bed sheets or the farts from South Park.  Simply amazing.  Also want to say thanks for his singing, which was just fantastically bad although he did pull out all the stops when we have a group sing a long to ” Roll out the barrel” by Milburn.

Mike, although not as loud as some of the others, he was none the less funny.  when we were one the beach, I had a little walk to find some shells but Mike to it to another level he walked to far out to see, that we could no longer see him…. after a few minutes of still not being able to see him me, Kyle and Fisher set off out to sea to find him which let to this….Jupilar

Also thanks for the kick ass Nurf action, we really had some good sessions.

Last but no means least, thanks to my best pal….. Kyle!  No one but Kyle talks as much S**t as me, throughout this trip some new words have been used frequently, the first being “Ro-sham Bo” which doesn’t mean anything yet it can be used to describe everything.  Thanks to you for always hitting everything hard with me whether it be drinking, rowing, singing or dancing, thank you.

I know this is all starting to sound a bit soppy so onto some funny stuff from kyle, like using the toilet in the RV literally seconds after picking it up also whilst moving.  For some reason being sat in the drivers seat with nothing on but a t-shirt with the door wide open for everyone and anyone to see.  For kissing the track at the top of Eau Rouge and getting in some sort of go-kart type thing in the super market just to name a few.  kyleOne of the funniest things from Kyle was when he was hung over on the bus on the way to the Grand Prix track, every time I look at the photo it makes me laugh purely just because i remember the noises he was making and how much he wanted to hit me because I kept talking about food and sick.

I know there are things I have missed out but its better to talk about them with each other whilst looking at the photos or watching all the video footage.  We need to have more regular meets and nights out for no reasons other than to see each other, get drunk and talk about Dorris.

Thanks again boys, these memories will stay with me forever.  I onyl hope that This first RV trip is not the last because I honestly cant think of anything else that would be able to best what we have just done/accomplished.



Time Posted by Mark on September 7, 2009 @ 3:21PM

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