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Welcome back!!

Seen as we’re doing another road trip into Europe, we thought it only fair to fire up the DRVE site once again.  We’re going back to where it all started.  Spa!  Yes, we’re off to the Belgian Grand Prix once again.  Unfortunately not in our beloved Dorris:



Not to worry, we’re knocking up the pace this year and taking my car:


We’re taking a slightly different route to last time, we’re hitting up, Belgium, Germany, back to Belgium and then heading home.  We’re heading back to the fantastic Spa d’Or camp site, which is the same one we stopped at in the RV.  We had such a good time there we thought why bother looking anywhere else.  As with other things throughout this trip, we’ve knocked it up a level.  Rather than going for a standard tent pitch, we’ve spent a little more and gone for what they call a “Rental Tent”, what this is, is a RV without wheels.  We get a 8ft tall, 12ft wide and 18ft long beast of a tent, with proper beds, fridge, gas cooker, BBQ, the lot!  It really is a beast!  Seen as we’ll have electricity throughout, it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t take the projector and Xbox again now would it?  I mean it went down such a storm last time, not only for us but for all the other folk wondering about pointing and talking about “those guys with the 360”.  I mean just look at it, even though its a terrible photo and we’re only just setting it up, it still looks awesome!



We’re getting there on the Thursday and not leaving until Monday, so it’ll be beer when we land but on the Friday rather than go to the practice session, we’re going to head into Spa itself.  You know, take in the scenery and see what the pubs are like.  You never know, we might end up in another gay without knowing it.  It’s all good fun.

Come Monday we’re heading the Nurburgring! This is the major highlight of the trip for me, the last time I went around as a passenger (in a 911 GT3 RS) and got a tattoo of “The Ring” when I got back, so being able to drive my car around “The Green Hell” really is something I’ve been looking forward to for many years!  It’s 12.93 miles and 154 turns of pure petrolhead heaven.

512px-Circuit_Nürburgring-2002-vs-1927.svg nurburgring

From The Ring, we’re heading north to Cologne for a look around the city and a night out.  None of the group have been there so we’ve just chosen a hotel bang in the centre and hoping we’re close to something good.

Tuesday we start to make our way home but on the way we’re stopping off at Bruges for more of the same, a look around a beautiful city full of culture.  We stopped in Bruges in the RV but being in such a large vehicle, we couldn’t find a place to park so we just carried on.  This time, we’re hoping to find a nice Focus sized parking spot under the hotel so we can take it in a little more.

As we go along, we’re hoping to find a few karting tracks seen as we’ll be in the racing spirit.  There’s something about karting in Europe, the tracks seems to be much bigger, more complex and the marshals are a bit more lenient when crashing into each other.

That’s all for now, we’ll be sure to make much more of an effort this time.  I think we only managed the one post when we went in Marks car.

Si thi.

Time Posted by Mark on August 1, 2014 @ 8:54AM

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