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After a hectic 16 journey to the campsite, out mind quickly switch to setup Base camp and lock the car up, enough was enough. After getting off the ferry in France we hit a mass or road works, accidents and car brake downs (not mine) making the trip ever longer.

We did however make it to the hyper market. Although we had to talk our way in as it was just about to close. So we sprinted around and grabbed the essentials.



We unpacked and heading to the food and beer tent to see what was going on and without a doubt, we had another of the legendary shorma’s. A mass of beef salad and mayo in a super soft bread…. Stunning!

We then went back to the tent to get the Xbox and Projector. Yep that’s right.



The above is the view from the inside and below is from outside the tent. It certainly got people’s heads turning.


Now we’ve banged on about the tent we’re stopping in to some of you, so here’s a few snaps of the beast.




As you can see we’re flying the flag for the UK. Although it’s not the best of the flags out there but it’s still up.

We’re heading into Spa now for a look around and a good old night out. So ta tar for now.

Ohh yeah, we got some new hats.


Time Posted by Mark on August 22, 2014 @ 2:07PM

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